Suyash Kansal
Quality Technologist,

who delivers experience.

Way of doing things

From simple to complicated, understanding and creation of PoA's (Plan of Actions) are the most predominant starting points. Then - Creating a perfect blend of vision, SWOT analysis, financial plans and timely roll-outs. A firm believer of automating every possible task or procedure.

And lastly, as someone has said, " build product & relationships that must last at-least next 100 years".



Powering the next evolution demands combining creative thinking with the reach of cutting-edge technology. I am a Dreamer of the day, because I act my dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

As Lao Tzu said "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Each day, I take a small step towards my dreams. I equip myself with the best technology & keep updated with the moving trends. I dream of newer ways, doing something better & more efficiently, of disruptive innovation and creative destruction."

I am also a firm believer in smart working & delivering more than my best on each work I do. I choose role models for the qualities which I can imbibe from each of them in my actions."

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To start with defining the PoA's and achievable outcome with its associated financial impact.

Digital Marketing

Specialize in Email marketing and audience acquisition & retention

Technical & Functional flow

Understanding & deploying modules to maximize conversions.


Identifying effective metrics and providing actionable insights & trends through Dashboards.


Supporting QA through the execution of Test plans, manual testing and bug identification.

Launching & Rollouts

Work closely with Higher Management and vendors to define and manage the scope, implementation and delivery of projects.


Developing Front-end, BAU's and Product enhancements

Requirement documenting

Involving Business users and stakeholders for discussing and documenting each action item, mapping documents, architecture requirements, joint reviews and project plan schedules.

Designing delightful Business opportunities

Discovering, designing, deploying and measuring business is key for a success story. By sticking onto that, I discover and achieve newer exciting horizons for your business.

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